Signs That You Need an Electrical Contractor

by / Thursday, 14 December 2017 / Published in Electrical Testing

The electrical system in your building has one key job to carry out, which is to power all the electrical equipment such as the HVAC system, the machinery, and the lights. However, things don’t always go as planned.

Your electrical system is simply a machine at the end of the day and it’s likely to give trouble and even malfunction at times. Now, there are a variety of reasons why this might happen. Maybe, your electrical system is old or maybe, there is a genuine issue.

Whatever it is, you need to call an electrical contractor to take a look at things. But, how do you know when to call one? Are there signs to watch out for?

Well, in most cases, there are certain signs that warn you of a bigger issue/consequence. Paying attention to these signs can help prevent further expensive damage.

So, here are some important signs to watch out for.

A Sudden Loss of Power

Did the power just go out all of a sudden? Did it happen only in your building? If you answered yes to both questions, you have an electrical system issue. Now, there are all kinds of things that can cause such an issue.

For instance, faulty breakers can cause a sudden outage. So, call your electrical contractor to check out the breakers. If one of the breakers has blown up, the electrical contractor will replace it for you. The same is true even if the breakers aren’t the cause.

An electrical contractor will investigate further to determine what exactly caused the outage and solve it.

Flickering Lights

If the lights in your building flicker every now and then, it could either signal an issue with the lighting system or the electrical system. Now, if it’s just the lighting, any reliable electrician can fix the problem. One sign of old or worn out lighting systems is the presence of discoloration.

However, if the lighting system isn’t at fault, you will have to call in an electrical contractor.

Heating Up of Outlets or Sparking

Electrical outlets should never heat up. However, if you notice that this is exactly what’s happening, stop using it and place a warning over it. The same applies to sparking outlets or outlets with burn marks. Such outlets are high-risk as they can cause electrical fires and electrocution.

Call your electric contractor immediately to take a look.