Theory of Electromagnetism and Gravity

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Modeling Earth as a Rotating Solenoid Coil Greg Poole Electrical Power Engineer Pilot Hill, CA USA Abstract—Presented in this manuscript are conventional electrical engineering tools to model the earth as a rotating electrical machine. Calculations using known parameters of the earth and measured field data has resulted in new understanding of the earth’s electrical system

Benjamin Franklin’s Electric Motor

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Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was not only a scientist, but also an engineer. More than a decade before James Watt invented his improved steam engine and launched the industrial revolution in England, Benjamin Franklin devised a working electric motor. Electrical technology in Franklin’s day consisted mainly of scientific instruments. By 1745, electrical scientists exploring the nature of

At long last, I get to blog about the paper that first piqued my interest about the research of Michael Faraday!  If you haven’t been following my Faraday posts, let me give a quick recap: Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was one of the greatest experimental physicists of all time, and the discoverer of some of the most important