The Importance of Renewable Energy

by / Monday, 22 January 2018 / Published in Electrical Safety

Renewable energy is a term that we’ve all come across. But, now, it’s pretty much the only thing we keep hearing.  You see, renewable energy is a big deal today and as time passes, it’s only going to become a bigger deal.

So, what is renewable energy? Well, renewable energy refers to the energy derived from clean and inexhaustive sources. Traditionally, all of humankind has depended on non-renewable energy; more specifically, fossil fuels.

However, we’ve reached a point in time where it is simply becoming impractical to rely on just one fuel source. That’s where renewable energy sources come in. What sets these sources apart is that they are far more diverse and abundant in quantity.

But, that’s not all. Here is why we need to move to renewable energy once and for all.

The Environment

The earth is currently experiencing what is known as a climate change and if we keep ignoring the problem, it’s going to end in what can be simply be called the extinction of all living things, including humans. So, what’s the connection between energy and climate change?

Well, as we stated earlier, our traditional energy sources are mostly fossil fuels and they fall under the category of non-renewable energy sources. However, that’s just one problem. Apart from being non-renewable, they also produce greenhouse gases and other pollutants when they undergo combustion. Pollutants and greenhouse gases are what causes climate change.

None of these problems can be associated with renewable energy. As we already stated, it’s clean.

Renewable Energy is the Future

The good news is that a future in renewable energy is inevitable. According to statistics published by the IEA (International Energy Agency) in 2015, clean energy sources accounted for almost 50% of all electricity generation. After coal, renewable energy sources are the second biggest contributors to energy production.

It is believed that demand for electricity will go up by 70% in the next 3 decades. But, with gas and oil sources getting harder and more expensive to reach, meeting this demand will be a challenge. That’s where renewable sources of energy offer hope. They are available at a domestic level, which makes access easy.

Countries such as the US will no longer have to depend on foreign energy sources to power their cities and towns. Additionally, by investing in domestic renewable energy sources, the governments of such countries can create economic opportunities at a local level.

More importantly, renewable energy also improves energy security.