How To Build a Successful Career as an Electrical Engineer

by / Monday, 12 August 2013 / Published in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Testing

Among engineers electrical engineers are the ones who specialise in the study of electricity and its applications. As the supply of power became common and commercial the need for professionals who could understand electricity and its implications arose giving birth to the specialised field of electrical engineering. As an electrical engineer there are many job opportunities and options to choose from. This article brings forth a comprehensive perspective on a career building of electrical engineers.

An electrical engineer or an aspirant must realise that he is soon going to play an important role in the revolutionizing of human lives by technology and its constant evolution. The field must be taken very seriously as the key to success here is staying ahead of competition and gaining specialization. Many companies and organizations require electrical engineers like Appliance manufacturers, research and development groups, Electrical contractors etc. but, they only hire the truly skilled and sharp engineers. It is important to choose the right institute and complete your BE in electrical engineering with good grades.

To find a good job of your liking and grow in it to make a career you must aim for specialization as electrical engineering in itself is a vast field covering many sub categories. Let us have a look at the available fields of specialization and career options.


This category deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity planned through well designed circuits using suitable equipment. A career can be carved in this field with opportunities with both the public and the private sector. This is an evergreen field which will continue to generate employment till mankind finds an alternative for electricity and that is not likely soon.


Control engineering goes hand in hand with the science of power generation. It refers to control of power being generated for various purposes through devices like circuits, processors, controllers etc. Power control is required from gigantic nuclear power plants to minute small household appliances.


Electronic engineers are required to study and apply the functionality of various components like resistors, capacitors etc. in electronic circuits. The omnipresence of electronics and its application makes is an interesting as well as rewarding field to build a career in.


Microelectronics as the name suggests deals with the study and application of very small electronic components for micro circuits. A very famous technology being developed in this field is the use of semiconductors such as silicon. The dwarfing trend of technological equipments suggests that microelectronics is here to stay as a career.

Signal Processing

Signal processing is the science of manipulating electronic signals both analogue and digital. Signal processing is used in a variety of fields including communications, radar, TV, audio etc. From a career perspective it is an interesting and highly specialised field with comparatively less competition.


Telecommunication has to be the most rapidly growing electronic field of current times. Telecommunication involves transmission of information across channels like cable, optical fiber etc. Telecommunication offer jobs in abundance and with good remuneration packages.


Instrumentation is the science of designing devices of measurement for pressure, temperature, etc. This is a peripheral field of the electrical systems sphere, requirement for these instruments is imperative for precision and planning. It is a different and engaging field to work in.

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