Generator Ground Fault Alarm

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Backup Generators have been installed at a great many commercial and industrial sites in the past decade.    One of the NEC requirements that is often overlooked for standby generators is the requirement for ground fault sensing and alarm.  Engineers, consultants, contractors and inspectors have consistently missed this obscure code requirement and as result a hazard exists for standby generator owners

BELVIDERE — A man whose severe neck wound was bound by black electrical tape has been released from the hospital, Sheriff David Gallant said today, April 9. The man, a 45-year-old Montague man, was riding an ATV on April 3 when he struck an electric fence. The man’s companion told officers that the victim had been

Ladder Disaster

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A subcontractor was working on my neighbors 12 foot high garage door and the ladder slipped out from underneath him.   I heard a tremendous crash and a person moaning in agony.       It was a tripod type ladder used for pruning tall trees.     The pipe slid on the smooth garage

Lunch & Learn

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Dear Customer, Last week we were invited to Rosendin Electric Corporate Headquarters for a Lunch and Learn regarding our new estimating tool called Testimator™.   Over 20 estimators from Rosendin attended the meeting and here is what they had to say in their feedback forms: Great!  I have already used the program Seems like a very

What is an Arc Flash

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Definition An arc flash is the light and heat produced from an electric arc supplied with sufficient electrical energy to cause substantial damage or harm, fire or injury. Electrical arcs, however, fed by limited energy and well controlled, produce very bright light (as in arc lamps—enclosed, or with open electrodes), and are also used for

It’s no doubt you already know that, with ambient temperatures reaching 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, four times higher than the temperature of the sun’s surface, the results of Arc Flash are rarely less than devastating. Reasons Why Arc Flashes Are Generated Generally, there are three main causes of arc flashes: Human error – unsafe work procedures, maintenance mistakes, and

Among engineers electrical engineers are the ones who specialise in the study of electricity and its applications. As the supply of power became common and commercial the need for professionals who could understand electricity and its implications arose giving birth to the specialised field of electrical engineering. As an electrical engineer there are many job